This summer we explored creating with coding, making with 3D printers and laser cutters, the thrills of forensic science, study aeronautics with field trips and use architecture to build in unimaginable ways.


This year’s camp has been expanded to 3 weeks and has many exciting things to offer.

Making – Creating has changed with the introduction of 3D printers.  This summer our students will learn to create and make items, using 3D printers and Laser Cutters.  We will make tools to be used in our summer curriculum, as well as each girl will create their own STEM logo to be voted on and used for our end of camp ceremony.

Coding – Our girls will discover coding this summer, creating amazing items using Raspberry PI.  They will have the opportunity to create everything from their own video game to their own artificial intelligence assistant. This will prove to be a great learning experience and provide them with tools that they can continuously practice and expand upon beyond the summer.

Aeronautics – Space, Gravity, Flight, Movement, will all be explored during our camp this year.  The girls will explore parachutes, wind tunnels, and aeronautic flight and will take a field trip to IFly to experience flight and to investigate the effects of parachute parameters on flight performance.

Forensic Science – Times have changed, and one thing that has come with that change is portable electric power. From tablets, to cell phones and hover boards, portable electric power surrounds us everywhere.  While these tools are present in our day-to-day lives and have changed the way we live, they also can present hazards.  Students will explore how the construction and day-to-day use of various items contributes to the hazards and come up with solutions of how to minimize these hazards.

Architecture – This summer, our girls will use the ever so popular, Rubik’s cube to explore various facets of STEM.  With “The Cube” they will expand their knowledge of physics, exploring the concept of friction, but they will also learn about algorithms and how to create and design, architecturally, with “The Cube”.


Our 2018 iSTEM camp will prove to be days of learning and fun for our girls, allowing them to explore and continue to “Take Your Place” in STEM.

Thank you to our camp sponsors: